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The Logs


The mill will run a log up to 32” diameter, by 21’ long, but that doesn’t mean it will give the best yield at that length.  If you have a specific length you’re looking for, such as 8, 10, or 12’ long, make sure you leave enough for trimming the ends, about 3-6".  I prefer not to cut anything shorter than 8’ as it gets rather tricky, and will take more time and cost more.  Significantly bent logs are firewood. Short logs are firewood.  



Please understand that the best lumber will come from freshly felled trees.  Older logs can be sawn, but the condition of the lumber may not be what you are hoping for.  Bugs, rot, shrinking and cracking can lessen the value of your logs.  “AnchorSeal” is a great product for extending the waiting period between logs being felled and sawn.  Just paint a good coat on the ends.  Wax or thick paint can be used in a pinch.  Please no tar!


Depending where your logs are harvested from, there could be hidden “treasure!”  Screws, nails, fence parts, chains, etc could be found in your logs, by my blade. Unfortunately, blades are not free and the responsibility falls to the owner of the trees.  See “The Rates” tab for costs of blades.  A metal detector can cut down the chances of us running into such foreign objects.  The other factor in blade longevity is dirt or sand.  Please clean the logs as much as seems reasonable to prevent sand from dulling the blade.


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