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The Rates
The Nitty-Gritty


​Every Job is a Custom Job.  Call for more information.

One-Time Set up Fee:

                           $150 - Includes set up and tear down of mill,

                           plus a fresh blade.

Travel Charge:

                         Under 20 miles, no charge. 

                           Over 20 miles, $2.00 per mile one way.


Blade Damage:

                           $30 per blade


Price per Board Foot (any variation of  1"x12"x1')

                            Hardwood: $0.50

                            Softwood: $0.40


                            $20.00 per 100 stickers

Sawyer Labor Rate:

                            $65 per hour - Time spent cleaning/trimming/          

                            moving logs not prepared before arrival.          

Hourly Rate per additional helper:

                            $35 per hour 

As each pile of logs, and each job site is unique, a telephone conversation is a must.  This will help me understand the scope of the job, how many helpers would be ideal, whether you are able to provide them, or if I need to bring my own at the set rate.  

Every Job is a Custom Job

Give us a call or send an email to get your questions answered, or to get the mill rolling to saw your logs.


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