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The Mill
   and other equipment


We run a Woodmizer LT35HD with a capacity of 32" diameter by 21 foot long logs.  


I'll arrive and expect you to have staged your logs as explained in the tab "The Logs." I will set up my mill and get going.  You provide an “off-bearer,” whether it’s you, or someone you know. The off-bearer removes slabs and edges cut from the logs. He removes lumber and stacks it. He helps with positioning cants and boards on the sawmill. The off-bearer also is in charge of keeping the sawdust pile from getting out of hand.  The off-bearer should dress appropriately. ie. hearing protection, rugged boots, gloves, tough pants, safety glasses. 


As the lumber is removed from the sawmill, it will be flat stacked, that is without stickers. This is fastest.  If you wish to sticker stack your lumber as it comes off the mill, you will need more than one off-bearer.  At least two of you, three would be better.
You'll need  a good supply of stickers; those spacers placed between the layers of boards to allow airflow for drying.  These you can prep beforehand from (preferably) dry lumber, construction scraps or whatnot.  Otherwise, we can cut them as we go, but they will be as wet as the lumber you're trying to dry.  Plus it eats into your lumber for whatever projects you have in mind.  
Alternatively, I can supply dry stickers for a fee.


Speaking of projects, if you have a particular project you are hoping to use the lumber for, please provide a cut list (specific lumber sizes) and I will do my best to fill it as we cut your logs.  Please be sure to give me the list before I start cutting.


Here is a diagram to help you visualize a good set up for the milling process.  I’ll park the mill and move my truck out of the way.  Ideally the area will be flat, level ground.  Small logs or beams spaced about 6’ apart work well to hold the logs up off the ground.  The small ends of the logs should be facing the sawyer.  All branches must be cut flush with the log.  Any logs that you are uncertain will make good lumber should be set aside, and we can assess them separately after the good logs are processed.  

Woodmizer LT35 portable sawmill
portable sawmill log yard layout


Caution should be exercised as the sawmill is a large piece of equipment.  Safety comes first.  Please keep spectators at a safe distance.   Also, no alcohol or drugs of any kind.


Prepping Logs


Storing Lumber


How do I start?


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